Lib - began reading at an early age and quickly branched out into blogging, eating, talking, and walking (in that order). Today she divides her time between wrestling her sons to the ground, pouring healthy kale cocktails down their throats, and blogging about it all. She works and lives on an organic family farm in middle Tennessee, raising and homeschooling her 4 sons with her Mainbain, focusing on health, faith and the joy of living life completely wide open. Grateful for grace at every turn and twist in the road. 

contact: libertybain(at)onemain{dot}com
Twitter: @16ballsinairlib

EmWhile avoiding PTA meetings and extracurricular activities, I'm raising 4 sons with St. Joel in suburban monotony. I find and chronicle the everyday humor in my glamorous life as Laundress, Referee and Inventory Control Manager. Most of the time, I'm waiting for "The Real Adult/ Mom" to show up.

twitter: @eticklethomas


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