Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Ash Wednesday?

Would you greet people like this if your Lenten practice centered you - every day for the next 6 weeks - on God's love? 

Here's how I'm entering LentTired. Whipped. Worn out. The last two months have steam-rolled me flat.  So, I'm entering Lent with a healthy dose of realism.  I will not be able to give up chocolate or wine or run and pray every day and I really don't think God cares about all my posturing anywayWhat I do beleive He cares about is my heart.  

I've decided I'll begin there: at the Center of who I am.  And if I feel like abstaining from something for a day or a week I might.  But I might not.  My 'sacrifice' this year will be simple.  I'm giving up Do-ing and trading it in for Be-ing. 

I simply want to savor the Love that's alive in my ordinary-trying-hard-to figure-it-out life. I want a space to be reminded everyday that He is loving me right. where. I am.  

To quote my most wise sister - Being with someone, soaking up their love is doing something. 

Happy Ash Wednesday, indeed!



Jena Sanders/Janet Poston/ said...

Amen! I came to a very similar p.o.v. for this year's Lenten season, too. Must have been the retreat and the holy spirit at work. One of the habits we plan to adopt starting tomorrow is placing a drawing of a vase on the fridge, and every day during Lent adding, i.e. drawing - one flower to the vase per day. Looking forward to the blossoming of God's gracious love during this time.

Richella Parham said...

You know I love this, don't you? Don't you?? Thank you so much for writing from that point of realism! God loves you, my friend--and so do I!

Richella Parham said...

I already left one comment--hope you got that--but wanted to leave another to tell you I featured this post at this week's Grace at Home party. I love it!

Gail Pitt said...

I love this, Liberty. What a great Lenten practice you have chosen. May you find how near He is to you in your being!

Nantawan Bennett said...

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