Thursday, December 6, 2012

Memorable Thursday

Some days that begin as average and mundane (get up, get dressed) can turn out to be the most memorable Thursdays. My job is simply to pay attention and record. 

The memories have a way of sneaking into the middle of breakfast prep and requisite homework questions.  They just show up and look like an pajama clad six year old with an enormous partially toothless grin half-smile.  Memorable because although it's been loose for weeks, on this particular Thursday he decided to brave the pain and pull it himself. 

The moments flood later in the afternoon when  one tooth down, butterbain learns how to ride his bike without training wheels.  Not just stay up, but how to get going all by his big little self.  I help and hover and watch him grow right in front of me as he pedals away.  When he says "Wow, Mom this is really challenging!" and "Will you help me after three tries?"  He's shedding the old and unecessary but gaining ground as he rides out of the shadow I cast. 

I confess I took these a lot memorable days for granted with my older boys.  I'll be staring another teenager in the face on Saturday, so I feel my mama synapses connecting with clarity and awareness that these are the moments to record.

So I wake up and pay attention on this Thursday that doesn't seem so average after all.

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Patience Is a Virtue?

On the 5th Day of Christmas, Number 4 got the flu (and an ear infection, but who's keeping track?). Yeah, yeah I know we should get flu shots and we all did get flu shots, but the day Numbers 1-3 got flu shots, Number 4 was sick with something else and didn't get one. So, he got the flu. I should still get mom credit for the 3 who got the shot, right?

Yes, it is pitiful for The Cutest 5 Year Old in the World to have the flu, but the ironic thing is, the flu isn't the worst part of the flu. Apparently taking 2 teaspoons of 2 kinds of medicine is the worst part of the flu. 

Day 1 - Since we caught it early, the doctor prescribed Tamiflu to lessen Number 4's symptoms. Funny, but Tamiflu only works if you ingest it. NOT if you stare at it in the tiny little cup on the counter for 45 minutes. NOT if you spit it out all over you, your mom and your mom's bed while she holds you down WWE style and attempts to force feed it to you after you stare at it in the tiny little cup on the counter for 45 minutes. You thought you were the only one?

Day 2 - Since yesterday's methods failed, I decided to try patience today. For 45 minutes, Number 4 and I sat at the kitchen table staring at the tiny little cups of Tamiflu and antibiotic (for the ear infection, but who is keeping track?) while I didn't yell and scream and he didn't take the medicine. Then the bribery, which is kind of like patience, began. Candy, Play-Doh AND the promise of setting up the Christmas Village that I wasn't planning on getting out of the attic this year. 30 more minutes of sipping and stalling while I didn't yell and scream and he was done. A total of 4 teaspoons of medicine (and 24 ounces of chocolate milk) were ingested.

Only 5 more days of 4 teaspoons of medicine twice a day to go.

Another day, another story,


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