Thursday, June 28, 2012

a day at the creek

I am making time this summer.  Time for days at the creek. 

Time for summer fun. I've only got only 4 summers left with Stringbain.  That puts my freshly painted-but-nothing-back-on-the-walls-house in to bulls eye perspective.  When I make this time, time for fun, I am always astounded by the myriad of unscheduled treasures that rise to the surface of life just being together.

 Homemade diving board perfection into the cool clear water
 Can you spot the fire crackers? Alien mom approved.
Stringbain found baby snapping turtle, mexicajumpingbain said it looked like it was smiling
 A day at the creek means juicy snacks
 baby Butterbain who still has 12 summers to go
Hard to believe there are only 4 hot Tennessee summers left with this boy
Ready to jump!

Hope this Summer is shaping into your version of fun!


Monday, June 25, 2012

New Math

Time is a funny thing. 
All those annoying people telling me all the time (usually in the crowded grocery store when I am accompanied by all 4 of these little people), "You will blink and they will all be grown." 
Well, I recently realized quite a shocking fact. In the same number of years Number 4 has been on this earth (5), Number 1 will be graduating from high school. 
This cannot be correct? 
And the same equation works out for the other 2. In the same number of years and Number 2 has been alive (11), Number 3 will be 18 and on his way to who knows where! 
I am sure I could do a little more ciphering and 
come up with other equally shocking outcomes.
No thanks.
Another day, another story,

  NUMBER 4 + NUMBER 1 = High School Graduate
5 years old

13 years old

  NUMBER 3 + NUMBER 2 = High School Graduate

7 years old

Number 2
11 years old


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