Sunday, May 27, 2012

Reasons I don't blog more

It's baseball season around here.  The math hardly does the reality of the situation justice.  Four boys {times} two games a week {equals} insanity.  But it's just a season.  A short(ish) three month season.  As I told a friend earlier this week, I'm learning to enjoy drowning in a storm of constant activity.  Great pics of them in action are a consolation.  
the RBI king
Limabain batting better than ever!
Mexicanjumpingbain's solid double recently won the game
But it's not all fun and games around here.  I've had lots of late night laundry dates with my washing machine, making sure uniforms are clean for looming games.  Entering the hallowed ground of the laundry room the other night, I was stunned by an unknown stench.  There was a pile of clothes waiting to be washed, but even after I finished that load (plus two others behind it) the odor remained.  It smelled like your car might smell if someone left a soggy, wet diaper in it over a long hot weekend.  And I couldn't find the source.  Anywhere.  When I called in the entire baintrain,  stringbain suggested it smelled like someone had peed in the dryer. 

Of course that suggestion met with all eyes on the youngest, butterbain, and me googling my memory banks trying to recall if I'd ever specifically said NOT to pee in the dyer. 
 Nothing.  No confession and no culprit.  

Until the next day when I received this text from our Fairy Godmother/Babysitter:

Getting to the bottom of these stinky mysteries takes lots of time away from my computer - sniffing around our laundry room/office and help from outside sources. 

When I'm not busy drowning in baseball or laundry, the need for non-emergent medical care also keeps my fingers away from the keyboard.

No big whoop, just a block of wood to the eye during a little game they made up called Deadliest Warrior. Nothing like 12year old tears and the horrific realization that he could be blind "on accident" to keep you away from the keyboard. The game is now banned from their playlist.

This afternoon's payoff to all the recent insanity is unplugging for a few hours in our ice cold creek
Consolation indeed. 


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Rwanda Show and Tell

I've been home for almost two weeks.  

My weight-limited bags are unpacked, the exhausting jet-lag is finally diminishing, but my heart still feels engorged.  If I start talking about my trip to Rwanda, my eyes tend to leak the overflow.

Just like words failed in the explanation of why I wanted to take the trip, simple letters strewn together here would fall miserably short of conveying all I saw, and what I learned about Hope and Strength when it's fueled by Him. 

A nutshell of background if you're unaware:  Rwanda is the country the rest of the world turned it's back on in 1994 while the most cruel, brutal and inhuman plan of genocide was carried out.  The numbers vary depending on source, but about a million people were killed in 100 days.  That wasn't a generation ago; this is not some long forgotten fact that's only become hackneyed words on paper. The victims and their families now live side by side with the perpetrators.  As horrific as the events there were, the healing that's taking place is equally stunning and completely astonishing.  Nothing short of miraculous.

The central point of our trip - St. John the Baptist Anglican Cathedral

 VBS for 1000 2500 kids at the Cathedral and attached school

My classroom empty and ready for the 120+ kids who willingly packed in to learn

My camera couldn't take a wide enough shot to show them all inside

My VBS translator, Donald with Barack

My incredibly kind and patient translator, Immanuel

Precious 3 year old girls who came together to VBS
Imana Irankundu = God loves you

 Everybody said I would want to bring at least one child home.   One of the boys I fell in love with: Parfait.
 I happily remember him and my crowded classroom buzzing with the word "teacher" every time I look on my wrist.

Hoping and praying to see these smiles in person again.

Being close to this face-cracking joy is contagious...


Tuesday, May 1, 2012


You know those people who make you crazy by saying, "Enjoy every minute because next thing you know they'll be grown."

Well, they were right.

Another day, another story,


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