Friday, November 30, 2012

A package with benefits

I got a package this week.  And it's going to benefit you!

When I saw the box with the cardinal label I was simply delighted.  I knew what it is from the aroma, but that didn't keep me from wondering how it was packed and what other goodies they might have enclosed.  

It's wasn't sparkly jewelry, gourmet gluten-free goodies or fresh flowers that made my day.   In this case it was soap.  Yep,  that stuff you wash your hands and your kids mouths out with.  Fragrant, handmade fabulous soap.  

Graham Garden's soap is so mild and moisturizing you can use it on your face.  Most people don't know I have Lupus and as a result very sensitive skin. No need for special cleansing lotion and scrubs with unknown, unprounoucable ingredients.  Best part, no rashes or reactions and my skin is silky soft.  Oh and the ingredients?  Not a single, solitary un-biodegradable thing!  

Since I found them about a year ago I've been blown away by the personal touches they put in every shipment. Don't even get me started on their quick email correspondence.  I'm not going to tell you every great thing about my package since I want you to run on over to their site, click around all their products and fall in love yourself!

So, I'll be giving away a bar of this fabuloussoap to one {lucky} winner.  All you have to do is leave a comment telling me what you'd like to try the most and sign up for their newsletter! They'll be sending out a discount code in the next week or two (but already offer buy 4 get 1 free!); totally worth giving up your email address for...

Winner will be chosen and notified December 10


Christine GreatOakCircle said...

Great giveaway! That Bella Luna sounds amazing!

Jena Sanders/Janet Poston/ said...

They all look great! I <3 handmade soap, and would enjoy trying the May Chang with the avacado oil and calendula flowers.

ERay said...

Would love to try the Bella Luna or one of the Christmas soaps! Thanks!

Emery said...

So want to try their soaps! I would also love to give their baby butter a go round on my newborn!

Unknown said...

I really want to try either one of their pepperminty soaps. Their soaps are awesome :)

Sharmista said...

I want to try the Simmering Wassail. It sounds so yummy!

Bethel said...

Would love to try any soap you recommend. I love handmade soaps! They are way better than store bought mass-produced.


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