Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Radical Practice

We've practiced something new almost every month this year, but we're getting radical in August.  We are going way beyond a commitment to read a chapter from James, or a short devotional at the breakfast table.  

I can't be the only mom out there who feels like it's a war.  Screen time vs chores.  The wii vs reading aloud.   Math vs Facebook.  The almost constant battle of cajoling and timer-setting.  we can't seem to break the repetitive cycle of the situation escalating to banshee screams {mine} and  eventual restrictions because cats or chickens didn't get fed before another round of Call of Duty had to be finished. 

I want my family time back, not the baintrain intent on a TV as their main source of entertainment and communication.  I don't believe the best way to spend my mothering time is acting as a mediator of turns and games and shows.  I want our home and family to grow and be transformed, not stagnate in a brackish backwater habit that is not working for us.  I want out conversation to be about Here.

This practice will certainly be a taxing challenge for me too.  No more getting my work done while they are occupied in front of a screen.  So what?  It promises rewards and dividends too great to be overlooked: Peace. Quiet.  No more refereeing ridiculous arguments about virtual games.  

Time to use all our other forms of entertainment, you know, the old fashioned kind: reading, cards, board games, and more lego and imagination.  Time to relate and chat and hopefully grow and reboot as a family.  Time to enjoy our last full month of summer and squeeze every last drop from the cup of outdoor fun.  Time to adjust to the school/homework groove, which begins on the twentieth. 

We're two days in.  It's not something they would have chosen to practice (and they've been very vocal about that fact), but we are having more fun and less fights.  Mexicanjupingbain actually asked me if I'd listen to him read a book this afternoon.  And at the end of our raucous card game of War last night limabain exclaimed, "That was really fun!"  

It was music to my battle weary ears...

What about you?  Have you ever gone screen free as a family or considered it??

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Rhonda said...

Good for you for being brave enough to pull the plug! I would love to do the same thing, having experienced all the same conflict. I'm afraid hubby would not be supportive in that endeavor, though.

Paula said...

I know we could survive but it would be tough. My friend moved into a new house in April and hasn't had tv since then. They read every night and are quite content.

Richella said...

WOW, Liberty! Good for you! "Screen free"--what a good way to put it. Honestly, it seems that our lives are very rarely free of the many distractions that all have to do with screens. A board game sounds like a lot of fun, to tell you the truth!

Sheila said...

We have been "screen free" for about seven years now. We no longer have a television. However, we do have computers which get more than their fair share of use, and that we need to cut down on. Maybe I will suggest a family game night so that we can get our children away from their computers for a while. Thanks for sharing.


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