Tuesday, February 14, 2012

the sweetest thing

I went on a much needed girl retreat last weekend (which was sweet, but not the sweetest thing) while mainbain took to the road with the baintrain.

We had a low-key reunion on Sunday afternoon; the usual - everyone boy telling his most-important-thing-that happened story and me trying to keep up without my head actually spinning around. 

After tucking in butterbain (who's turned 6 and gotten a puppy and doesn't have a blog post to show for it),  he asked me to come and get in bed and hug him up a bit.  Of course I couldn't refuse.  He was facing the wall and I was breathing in all his 6-year-old-ness when he said:

You know, Mom? Sometimes when you're gone on a trip, I'm afraid you're with another little boy.

My eyes filled so fast I had to wait a few seconds to respond and tell him I had a hole in my heart that only he could fill.  That there would never be another little boy who could take his place. That when God decided he would be our last baby, he made sure butterbain would fit into my heart just perfectly. I also said a silent prayer of thanks that a boy with such an open and sweet heart is a perfect last-child fit!

It was his vulnerable honesty that captured me.  
As he showed me the soft underbelly of his heart, I realized he'd given me the gift of the sweetest thing.

Hope your valentines' is filled with unexpected and true sweetness as well!




Rachel said...

that is so sweet and so vulnerable !

The Muse said...

Loved this post. So sweet!
I just dropped in to tell you I've given 16 Balls an award. Here's a link:


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