Thursday, December 15, 2011

Breakfast of a future frat boy

I started to name this post The breakfast of the youngest. Or The breakfast you get when you're the only boy at home because your brothers are at the barn.  I really think the determined 5 (almost 6) year old who asks without a moment's hesitation for a Grilled cheese with Bacon, deserves the title Breakfast of a Future Frat Boy.  Also, because he asked me to put a bit of bacon grease on the outside of the bread so it would get all "toasty."  

In my mind I see him as a darling, winsome 20 year old. He stands over a stove, dressed only in a t-shirt and boxers, grating cheese while the bacon fries.  His mouth is already watering.  I see him assembling the sandwich, pressing it down on the griddle to get the cheese to melt faster.  When this frat boy's breakfast is finally ready, he plops down on his saggy couch eyeing the creation on his plate.  (Ok, I know the plate part is a bit hopeful, but...)