Tuesday, November 8, 2011

An {unorganized} fall

In late August we decided to do the (almost) unthinkable: opt out of any demanding fall sport activity in favor of together time.  Instead of spending our late summer afternoons rushing around looking for cleats, bags or shin guards we played, had time to spare and just enjoyed life. 

Top ten {unorganized} fall activities

Yard Ball - fun even if you're just a cheerleader

The County Fair -  seemingly organized, but I can assure you with 4 boys and 3 guests it's impossible to maintain any organization

This Park for an entire afternoon, getting beaten on the ropes course by 3/4 of the baintrain.  Much more fun than the description, I promise

Time to practice budding rockstar-ness

 An unplanned art class

 Family game night, not to be confused with date night

 Travelling the road of a 31 day blog series

Navigating connecting flights, TSA and rental cars with 4 boys

 Corn maze-ing it up

Enjoying a Family Halloween with the Beatles

Driving lessons with the 8 and 5 year old

I can't bear to calculate the full-of-unorganized-fun we would have missed out on just by filling out a form, and letting someone else dictate of our afternoon/evening plans.  We haven't gotten everything on my wish list done, but cetainly have had fun NOT painiting the kitchen!

After the incredibly full fall we've had, you can be sure I'll be weighing any future sporting commitments very carefully....

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Karen@Candid Diversions said...

Corn maze / hayride always makes our "list" of must do Fall things. Love that you opted out of all the crazy fall sports. My younger brother (16) is in Basketball now and it feels like he is always at practice!

Shelly @ Life on the Wild Side said...

I love this, Liberty! And it reminded me of what some of our friends did last fall (they have three boys). They opted out of fall sports, just like you, and took their boys into the Big City (Chicago) every Saturday for 18 weeks. The explored lots of different neighborhoods and had a ton of fun experiences. I think what you did was so smart.

Stacy said...

I left you an award on my blog!

Stacy @

Courtney said...

As the mom of two young boys, and with my oldest boy just completing his first fall sporting season . . . I can totally appreciate this! Thanks for the lessons :)


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