Saturday, November 26, 2011

Travel Advisory

Currently we are driving
back to the 'burbs from a delightful family Thanksgiving in the mountains of North Carolina.

The delightfulness just came to an abrupt halt as we pulled over for gas (with gas warning light blazing) just as Number 4 wet his pants which grossed out Number 3 who then threw up on his pillow which we then had to throw away and we then tried unsuccessfully to find clean pants for Number 4 in the giant mound of suitcases in the back of the minivan. And to think, only 5 more hours to go.

Another day, another story,

1 comment:

erin said...

Hi Liberty - YOU WON THE CARD! haha - kind of by default, the only other person to enter was my best it goes to you! :) Please enjoy you card (and please remember sweet Amy if you ever need some graphic ANYTHING.) She is the best. She did my blog and all my kids birthday parties. Plus all my cards. I just tell her my theme and she rolls out amazing things. Thanks again. I love your blog! I found her on etsy years ago and we've become close friends. Crazy internet! Have a great day! Please go to her shop
and choose. In the notes tell her you are the winner. I tried to e-mail this to you - but it got sent back.
Love, Erin


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