Friday, November 11, 2011

Teenage Book Club

I'm feeling the drift.  Bound to happen with a teenager,  but it's very uncomfortable to be thrown into the deep end of the parenting pool and hardly remember how to dog paddle.  Forget the backstroke, I'm just trying to tread water.

Knowing I needed to step up my parenting game to maintain a heart connection and common interests with Stringbain, I took a nudge from Kat and asked him if we could read a book together and have our own mom-boy book club. I got a yes-shrug and started plowing through the book he'd just finished. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the three weeks it took to read it, because he initiated conversations about what characters I liked or what chapter I'd finished the night before.  I wondered what I could do to make our book club a memorable event, which is harder than you might think with a 14 year old boy.  Then I noticed an ad for an Egyptian exhibit at a museum only 2 hours away.  Cha-ching.  We would make a day of it.

Our book club discussion turned into a whole uninterrupted day together.  All that driving time turned out to be hours we desperately needed to just relax into who we are becoming together.  It gave me a chance to share some of my teenage-hood with him; stories I'd never tell if all his younger brothers were around. 

We took turns playing favorite songs off our iPods and then discussing what we liked/didn't like about them.   I learned his music library is way wider than I thought.  Everything from Taio Cruz to Elton John to Muse.    

The Egyptian exhibit perfectly dovetailed into the novel we'd just read.  All of the sudden our heart connection clicked ON and we drifted back onto solid ground.  

Unexpectedly out of the deep end of the pool of parenting worry and wondering if I'm doing it right, I found my Mama skills are capable of much more than just treading water...

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Shelly @ Life on the Wild Side said...

I LOVE this, Liberty! What a great idea, so purposeful. I know what you mean about the drift. I feel that sometimes with my girls. Those are the times I know it's time for a "date."

Good job, mama!

Carol@simple_catholic said...

What a fantastic idea! Good for you for seeing an opportunity for growing in your relationship with your son and taking it!


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