Friday, October 28, 2011

31 Days Unvarnished Day 27 {dissonant}

Have you ever listened to a kid practicing a new song on their instrument known immediately when their hand slips onto a key or string that wasn't intended?  

That dissonant sound is very similar to the unvarnished conflict in real-time life that involves unforseen dental work and keeping up with 31 days blog posts.   I'd planned a post yesterday on the intricate naming system we have for animals on our farm.  I wanted to introduce you to milk goats named Cherry Cola

and Sprite; pigs named Turnip Green, Sambo, Shaliquehandra and Kavaseeay and cows named Wanda, Lorna, Gloria and Victor.  I didn't have a picture to share,  but we once had a well-named Banty rooster named Supersonic.

All my planning went the way of hours in a dental chair.  Real, unvarnished life sometimes means Open Wide, this is going to pinch...

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1 comment:

wannabe chef said...

That goat looks just like the goats we had when I was in high school too many years ago to mention they were to smart for their own good sometimes.


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