Tuesday, October 18, 2011

31 Days: Unvarnished Day 18 {Dance Party}

Sorry no photos today.

The powers that be, aka The Boys Numbers 1-4, won't allow me to take photos of their epic ipod-blaring-hip hop music-fueled dance parties. (Last night's in the grandparent's driveway included an illuminated Star Wars toy as the "disco ball".)

Trust me, if you need joy; if you need cheering up; if you need a break in the monotony, just turn on some Bieber, Usher or Ludacris full blast and dance around your living room. Or just sit back and enjoy the show. Foolproof mood enhancer.

Another day, another story,
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LoveFeast Table said...

We know those dance parties well! Even my 4 year old son joins in with the mix! Gotta get, get, get...boom, boom, boom...

Clothing Blogs said...

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