Wednesday, July 20, 2011

WIWW:: Camp edition overnight and under-roos

Mask- homemade
Flash under-roos and shirt: Walmart

Shorts: consignment

It's summer camp time around our house. We found an affordable (yes, a few exist) overnight camp within driving distance and the baintrain raced to sign up. What it really means is for the next few weeks we've got revolving doors with boys coming and going and semi-packed bags, backpacks and instruments stacked by the front door (my excuse why you've gotta kick stuff out of the way just to walk in our door).

Stringbain had to prepare for several camp theme days, one of which is super hero day. We batted around lots of ideas (Super Farmer, Battery Man, the Incredible Hulk and Michaelangelo from TMNT) before a life changing final decision was made.

The superhero under-roos were his idea. He needed them to get in the Flash Gordon groove, he said. I couldn't help but point out - I am the family fashion coordinator, after all- that getting in touch with his inner superhero would be so much easier if he flaunted the entire super suit; not hiding that super light under a bushel.

This simple fact is undeniable: it is beyond thrilling to see your 13-year old planning, enjoying and dressing in a costume.

My heart got caught up in a whirlwind of joy recognizing that my little boy is alive and well down under all that teenage coolness.

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Monica and Whitney said...

Ohh I don't even know you or your son, but I too am happy that he still has that boyish quality under his teenage-ness. I LOVED sleepaway camp, I bet he'll have a ball


Lmtaylor1 said...

Tell him he looks great! We need more superheros in the world!


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