Sunday, July 17, 2011

A slice of Loss

I'm sure lots of parents would be relieved.  A week with one less child on the overflowing Mom docket.  But everyday baintrain life feels different without our family all under one roof.  Limabain, the one who sees beauty in a fried egg, who gives me the longest morning hugs, who is sensitive with a wide stripe of kick ass; he's off at camp and our family wheel feels a bit more square than round with him gone. 

And this small slice of loss, makes me think of how the bigger slices are waiting, lurking in the shadows.   It's not straining to try and let this feeling sink in.  I know how quickly the last 5 years have evaporated into the daily rounds.  

So, this year I've got 2 camp weeks.  Two weeks to begin to realize the loss of them is inevitable.  And by loss, I mean the loss of what I've grown to comprehend: every slice of loss I am served is piece of growth for them....

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1 comment:

Patty Ann said...

So true! With most of my family grown and gone, I have had a taste for what awaits. It is full of sweetness as well as sadness.


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