Saturday, July 2, 2011

Like Mother, Like Son

I am a firm believer that ignoring your children can be a good thing. Once upon a time, grown-ups did mostly grown-up things and kids did mostly kid things and everything was just fine. It encourages kids to be creative and find things to do to entertain themselves.

Yesterday, I was busy ignoring Numbers 1-4 while working on some Cancer Card Xchange business in my closet-turned-office.

Number 3, "Mama, Mama, hey Mama.."

Me, ignoring.

"Mama, don't you think I should have my own office too? I could do work."

Me, ignoring.

"I'm gonna go make an office in my closet too."

Me, ignoring.

Ten minutes later, "Mama, Mama, Maaaaaama! Come'mere and see my office."

"Now I can do work. I moved all that junk out (now a huge pile of "junk" in the middle of his bedroom floor) and moved my white table in. Here is my notebook. I added my nap mat in case I get tired. I'm gonna need some markers and some Sharpies. I won't draw on the wall again, I promise."

Another day, another story,


Laura-Ruth said...

That is sooo precious! I love it! Noah keeps asking me when is he going to learn to make jewelry with me. He may take over my office if I am not looking.

Rebecca said...

how cute! A little organized boy! The office sure looks tidy, but I cringe (along with you) over the pile on his bedroom floor!


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