Thursday, June 30, 2011

A lesson in gratitiude: Summer Strep

It started on Sunday.  Stringbain's throat was sore, so he stayed home while the rest of us went to church...while there I noticed my throat was sore too.  Tuesday night limabain spiked a high fever and Wednesday afternoon saw us cancelling  fun travel plans while waiting at the minor med for the first time in years.  

Recovering means being stuck inside on a gorgeous summer day, so I thought we'd write a post stretching our gratitude muscle. Of course, there are lots of things already on my summer strep gratitude list: $4 antibiotics, Dr's who call in prescriptions, a husband who works from home, air conditioning to keep things cool while resting, sleeping as long as I want, lots of ice, and peppermint oil gargles. 

* limabain: Better to be sick at the same time; that way there are still people you can safely be around without worrying how contagious you are. 

* stringbain: time to set up a new facebook account

* lib: good lesson in learning to trust His plan and sharing the struggle with my fellow sickies.

* limabain: Noticing how vibrant summer colors are when you're stuck inside

* stringbain: plenty of time to teach your mom how to play chess

* lib: Time to contemplate big questions:: Where do flies hide when you pull out the swatter??

* stringbain: Excellent excuse to extend normal 30 minute Wii limit.

* lib: Lots of extra practice time for piano and guitar - to offset all the gaming

* limabain: people happily (for the most part) waiting on you.

* lb/sb:  PILLOW FIGHTS! (which they did almost the entire time we worked on this post)

* lb:  new game and use for nerf sword: Whack-a-foot

* lib: Once the medicine starts working, being able to swallow feels so much better than you remembered.

Stringbain says maybe being sick isn't so bad after all...

Hope you stay well, 
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Gaby said...

Feel better, Lib. What a great way to recover focusing on the positive!

oh amanda {impress your kids} said...

Such a great post! I love that you got to share THIS with them--not the sickness! ;)

Kerri said...

Love your perspective and what you guys came up with - wonderful! Best wishes for recovery. Visiting from Top Ten hop.

Tricia said...

Visiting from Top Ten! We just had some summer yucks ourselves and also tried to find some good in it. Loved the post.

Amy @ Cheeky Cocoa Beans said...

Ah, great reminder to practice gratitude! We have much to be thankful for...even pillow fights. ;) Being able to swallow is a definite plus, too!

And I'm with ya on that fly thing...Where do they hide when you think you are being so unnoticeable in slowly grabbing the fly swatter? And why must they reappear at the kitchen window when I'm there washing my hands?!?! How do they possibly know my hands are soapy/soaked and I can't get to the fly swatter in that condition?

I hope all of you have stayed well!


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