Thursday, June 9, 2011

Anyone else's kid?

Does anyone else's kid think it's perfectly acceptable to eat from a bag of chips while sitting on the potty while wearing swim goggles?

Does anyone else's kid subsist on pizza and chicken and grilled cheese sandwiches?

Does anyone else's kid line up 4,267 action figures and plastic animals in an intricate, dramatic reenactment fashion?

Does anyone else's kid ask if the destination (pool, park, orthodontist office...) has WIFI?

Does anyone else's kid know 99% of Jack Black's lines in Nacho Libre?

Does anyone else's kid discuss Pokemon, Star Wars and/ or Apps with the fervor of a Ph.D dissertation defense?

Does anyone else's kid know how to use Twitter better than his mom?

Does anyone else's kid love grilled shrimp, but wouldn't eat spaghetti if his life depended on it?

Does anyone else's (way past 3 year old) kid refuse to poop in the potty?

Add your kid's "uniqueness" as a COMMENT.

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Em and Lib said...

Granted, I have FOUR people who do all these things...

Morgan said...

I have four boys under the age of 8 in my house. I was just walking through our TV room where I saw 3 out of 4 staring at the TV with hands down their pants. PLEASE tell me this is not just my kid that does this all. the. time.??!!??

Em and Lib said...


Em and Lib said...

ANYONE Else's kid regularly pee outside?? as in against a tire in a parking lot - not in the country off the back porch:)

Laura-Ruth said...

yes my son LOVES to pee outside.
How about standing at the front door mesmorized by the Home Depot guys delivering our new washer and dryer. Only he was supposed to be on the potty so his pants and underwear were down around his ankles with the door WIDE open. He didn't care. Any one else's kid not care abut that?

Ashley Haupt said...

Hilarious post!
Anyone else's kid REFUSE to greet people politely even though continually coached on how to do so???

Aimee @ Just Kidding Around Atlanta said...

My 7 year old discusses every thing Star Wars - 24/7! It's constantly coming up - and I'm clueless! Gotta love it!

Aimee @

Erin (Out on a Limb) said...

I feel so much better having stumbled on your blog and read your post and these comments! My son is terrified of his poop (at least when it's in the potty- in his underpants, he's got no problem) and tries to pee outside, any chance he gets. Like on a mural at the local five and dime. Yeah. Good times. Thanks for sharing the insanity ; )


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