Friday, May 6, 2011

Five minute friday: Motherhood

My weekly (okay, almost weekly) writing assignment.  Even with an insane schedule through baseball season, I've got 5 minutes to write on Friday.  By this point in the week, taking a 5 minute breather in front of my computer feels like a welcome vacation.

Motherhood should come with a mentor.  
I'm not talking about your mamma or family support system.  Preferably a friend, who doesn't know all your family traditions and can encourage you to do this mothering thing your own way.  One wiith kids slightly older than your own who's already pulled her fair share all-nighters and has learned the difference between the I-didn't get-what-I wanted-cry vs. the I'm-really-hurt-cry.  The friend who will still believe the best about you after she hears you banshee scream at your 3 year old.  Will pray you through every un-forseen test you never wanted your baby to be subjected to. And will laugh just as hard as you do at the statement "that's way too much cheese for one backpack!"  
She's the friend who'll present you with your very own Get out of Clean Floors Card as you bring baby number 3 home from the hospital....with a glass of champagne waiting for you in her hand. 

She's the one who'll remind you it's normal.  Whatever IT is!


nlhwife said...

I TOTALLY AGREE! my mentor has saved us all so many times haha

thegypsymama said...

Yes and Amen! A mentor - could you gift wrap one and ship it over to me pronto? Thanks!



Every Day is an Adventure said...

love this one...

Anne @ Modern Mrs Darcy said...

This is great. You are so right! I wish I had been supplied with a mentor like you're describing when I had my first baby! Having not had one, I can really see the truth in your description of why a woman needs a mama mentor.

(But there is a bright side to not having had a great mentor myself--I'm determined to reach out to all the new mothers I know and tell them about the get-out-of-clean-floor-card.)


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