Monday, April 18, 2011

Out of the Mouths of 5 Year Olds

Sometimes when you pay attention, you learn something. Even when your teacher is a deliberate five year old and he delivers a one line lecture.

The subject matter may only seem to be daily egg gathering. But with a zinger like this he traps your wandering to-do list mind and you're quickly reeled back to the present with exhilarating speed.

His sermon?  Just one little sentence as he gleefully gathered eggs from our new hens: "I was born for this, Mom!" 
How many moments have I wasted not living from a heart that overflows with this kind gratitude for the present?  How many breakfasts have only been a litany of to-do's and must-get-dones? How many baths have I petulantly rushed them through because we still had to read and pray and frog-butterfly-fish kiss goodnight? 

What about you...have you missed some born for moments of gratitude?

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1 comment:

Twinside Out said...

Hi! I'm stopping in from Ann's.

Such a precious boy! And such truth in his words - just this morning, we were rushing through breakfast so we could get to morning naps. (Well - ok - I mean so I could get to morning naps. One of those days.)

Thank you for this post; I needed a reminder not to rush through the day but to truly live it.


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