Friday, April 22, 2011

Five minute friday: The Hard Love

Writing for just five minutes on The Hard Love:

It always happens before I can stop it.  In the split second I could prevent my tongue moving, I blurt out hurtful, screechy words.  Just letters if you write them down, but spoken, they bruise and maim.  And I am guilty of bruising and maiming the ones I'm commissioned to love the most.  I bark and they cringe: sweet babies I've birthed through scars of my own.  
My pride says to let it go; they'll never remember; everyone does it.  But my Hard Love is just this: admitting to those babies-turned-big-boys-and-man-children I was wrong.  
Showing my imperfect, broken human-ness and asking their forgiveness is the hardest part of love for me...

 I'd like an amen {or two},



Gaby said...

Amen and amen (I'll give you two). Impatience and shortness are my worst enemies as a mom but apologizing is the antidote. I wish the words would not come out, but once they do, it is the searching for forgiveness that heals the relationship, even if they are only three. They'll remember that and learn to do likewise. I'm right there with you, sister-friend.

MLH said...

Gaby may have given you two..but I'll give you another. Truth may be the hardest part of love--but it's the only way that love is real. My ugly seems to come out more often than I'd like...but if it didn't I wouldn't have the chance to admit I'm wrong and that I don't have it all together.
Thanks for sharing!

Amy said...

I'll say it too - Amen! You could have been writing that post about my life. How hard it is to admit you're wrong and ask for forgiveness. And how important it is to show them what repentance looks like, what remorse looks like. It's the best leading by example. I just wish it didn't have to come after the hurting. Thanks for sharing today -

Mamita J said...

Amen. That's where I'm living today. Barking and confessing. Yuck!

Great post!


Jennifer Samountry said...

Amen Amen Amen. I am guilty too and that is hard love. Thanks for visiting This Catholic Life today.

Cheryl said...

Very honest and authentic - thanks for sharing.


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