Monday, April 4, 2011

De-clutter and Give {Mercy}

There's a blogger, Kristen, who claims to be average.  In my opinion, people who start homes for pregnant African girls are brave. Courageous.  Some{one} willing to put her life and heart on the line is most definitely not average.

She posted on twitter a few weeks ago about necessary curriculum for The Mercy House.  After some discussion she told me they will use computerized curriculum, but still need basic math and grammar text and workbooks.  

My moment of illumination came as I was organizing our school room shelves.  What if I could box up the books we don't need, and bless the girls in Africa while de-cluttering?   How about you? While you're busy tackling spring cleaning: make a Mercy Stack

However you educate your children, you've probably got some kind of book stashed The Mercy House can use.  Your shelves might even be pregnant with books the girls could use. You could also check out their website and see what else they might need. 

Here's how to do it: head to the post office and grab a large Flat Rate box, fill it up and send it out.  I'm sending 2 sets of basic math books via Flat Rate Priotity mail (using the box from the post office makes it only $13.95/shipping) to:

The Mercy House
8000 Research Forest Drive
Suite 115-100
Spring, TX 77382

Mercy is a word used to describe compassion shown by one person: 
 that {one} person can be You!


1 comment:

Carolyn said...

Great idea - giving and destashing.. love it!


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