Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lent for the Rest of Us Day 17: Best Advice

If you're from Mississippi like me, you probably have at least one piece of McCarty Pottery. If not, you should treat yourself to the simple and beautiful pottery that has been made by hand for decades in Merigold, Mississippi.

I just read the interview of Lee McCarty in the April issue of Garden & Gun magazine (quite possibly my all time favorite magazine). And I might just have gotten some of the best advice of my life. He summed it up perfectly.

"Can I leave you with a piece of advice?" he asks (the interviewer).

"Love your wife," he says, a wisp of sadness in his voice (his wife, Pup, passed away 2 years ago). "Spoil your children. And then, if you're lucky enough after that to have them, as I have been, spoil your grandchildren after that. And all the while make your art in a place that you love."

Another day, another story,


Messy Mom said...

Great quote. Reminds me little bit of the ending quote from Jerry MaGuire.

Miko's Girl said...

Love the quote. Checked out the pottery as well - very nice!

Courtney said...

I've got the April issue of G&G sitting right next to me - love that magazine! And, my grandparents were from Mississippi, so I'll be signing off to read that article now . . . thanks!


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