Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lent for the Rest of Us Day 11: Joy

I was struggling to think of something "cheerful, uplifting, funny or all of the above" for Day 11 of Lent for the Rest of Us. Then I got a text. No words. Just a picture. Of my friend holding his brand-spanking-new iPad with his son standing next to him grinning ear to ear. So what, right? An iPad equalling joy? That hardly sounds Lent-y at all.

But God gave it to him. Really He did. 

My friend is really sick. He has cancer. Serious, sucky cancer that probably isn't going to go away. His wife (also my friend) wanted to give him an iPad for his birthday. But when you have serious, sucky cancer, money is kind of tight. His birthday is in May. But when you have serious, sucky cancer, you shouldn't have to wait 'til May. 

So today God gave him an iPad. Really he did.

My friend's wife mentioned to a close, church friend that she wanted to figure out a way to get an iPad for his birthday. Within the hour, he called back and said, "Go get it, and I'll make sure you get the money back."

Looking for joy? It's simple. Do something nice for someone.

Another day, another story,

*This is just one story about people, friends and strangers, who have helped this family over the last few years. Meals, gift cards, household chores and more. It has been nothing short of amazing. When there was a need, it was filled. To read more, see below.





1 comment:

Farmer's Wyfe said...

What an uplifting story, and one that reminds how precious life is. Thanks for sharing.


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