Tuesday, March 22, 2011


We've been going over the basic bunny around the tree steps for about a year.  On a random Tuesday morning,  in less than 5 rushed minutes, mexicanjumpingbain finally tied his own shoes! 

I know learning to tie your shoes is not an enormous milestone, but it is a necessary life skill.  My frustration over teaching this skill began to mount months ago whe he just wasn't getting it.   The more I tried to go over the intricate how-to's, the more frustrated he became and all progress lost.  It went like that for many months until he brought the Converse he'd picked out to me for one final lesson.  

I did the only thing a been-there-done-that-tired-of failing-this-test Mom could do: I pointed him in the direction of Dad.  Watching them work together was sweet and endearing.  Not to mention incredibly fast. Sitting on the edge of our unmade bed, mainbain taught the lesson I'd unequivocally failed.  

I occurred to me that teaching shoe tying is like opening a tough, stuck jar lid.  You tug and pull and turn red in the face, until you finally ask for help. 

Then it's a tie. 



Carmie of the Single Nester said...

What a sweet post. And a metaphor for life.

MarytheKay said...

I agree--it IS such a sweet metaphor of life!

Our youngest just learned to tie her shoes this year--it is such a milestone.

GREAT post! :-)

Jo's Health Corner said...

Yeah, that's great!

My youngest son had such a hard time to learn how to tie his shoes..It took forever and one day he just did it..With the help of dad..
I love your design, the colored circles look great!


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