Saturday, March 26, 2011

5 minute Friday: Waking up

It's actually early Saturday, but my Friday's disappear quicker than those last grains of sand in an hourglass, so I'm joining Lisa-jo today.  Writing for 5 minutes - okay maybe seven or eight - but really just writing about waking up.


I hear the footsteps just before he appears at the side of my bed.  It used to be a sweet, scuffling pitter-patter, but that sound evaporated between his last 2 birthdays.  These are the footsteps of a sleepy, but determined five year old, tall enough to look me in the eye when I'm lying down.  

Waking up to butterbain's sleep-raspy voice as he asks: I have to go to the bathroom, will you come with me?  Throwing the covers back, I take his fragile (isn't everything fragile at 3 am?)  and we weave our way through the black pitch of night to the bathroom, flipping on a teeny light that won't make it too hard to get back to sleep.  After necessary water sips and handwashing, we click off the light and head back into darkness.  Once in bed, snuzzled together, we face each other, profess our love,  and drift back into our ocean of sleep.




bahava said...

awww i love it! five year olds are my faves! so cute =)

The Farmer Files said...

I know! And they are just so hard to resist in those pajamas, and that fragile 3am voice!!!

Jennifer Samountry said...

That was really beautiful. My kids no longer need me to take their nighttime bathroom trips but my six year old always comes into my bed when he is done instead of returning to his own. I don't mind because there is nothing better than "snuzzling" :)


Gaby said...

My five-year-old seldom wakes up in the middle of the nigth anymore, but my three-year-old tries to come to our bed almost nightly. Except he doesn't walk, he runs down the hall and, like you, I hear him before I see him. It is so hard to send him away some nights, so some nights I don't and then I remember why we usually do: he sleeps like a wild man :)

patchofheaven said...

What a great word -- "snuzzle!" I'm lucky to have a three year old that goes potty all by himself in the middle of the night, if he has to go. He never makes it back to his bed though! (I mean, it's all the way back upstairs!) He crawls into the closest bed -- ours.

Marbel said...

I'm always happy to read of mommies who let their kids snuzzle with them in the night. My kids are teens now, and don't need this any more... most of the time!


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