Friday, March 11, 2011

5 minute Friday: loved

I've been trying to find 5 minutes all day.  Surprising that even 5 minutes on a Friday could be so challenging to scrape together.  So I sit now as the last grains drain through the hourglass of today and write.

This week's writing prompt from The Gypsy Mama is I feel most loved when...


It's totally silent and ink dark most mornings.  Lately I've been snoozing three or four times out of sheer exhaustion.   I shuffle into the kitchen for tea I wonder what could possible be wrong with me.  I listen keenly to the promise of water heating to a boil in less than 2 minutes and watch the sun turn the sky every shade of pinky-orange I worry that my tiredness could be more than tiredness.  Thankfully before my hardly awake brain can process all the more-than-just-tired syptoms, the water is boiling, I pour tea and head to my prayer closet.  

In that short walk my whirlpooling thoughts shift.  I'm not fully awake, but in that tiny room sitting with only an unpredictable flicker I feel the most loved.  I repeat the breath prayer over and over reminding myself I am not alone.  That I am never alone. I am reminded that it's Him in whom I live and move and have my being.

I feel most loved when I connect with the One who's put me here. Today. When I take time to remember promises He made way before I existed.  Whether or not I feel His presence, I sit still in the dark and absorb the knowledge that He is here loving me as I am: exhausted, whirlpooling brain and all. 




Gaby said...

That is beautiful, Lib. When I saw the prompt I was also thinking my most loved times are His. But, alas, I didn't find my five minutes this week :)

I enjoyed reading about yours, though.

Jennifer Samountry said...

Beautiful and true.

Kelly said...

love this! I feel the same way before I have my caffeine...sort of like "what is wrong with me" and then I remind myself "a watched coffee pot never fills". That is so sweet that you steal away before your kids wake up to spend time with the Lord. He will honor that. Ask for strength He will give it. Thanks for posting

drgtjustwondering said...

so beautifully said - thanks so much for this post.

Trina said...

"promises He made before I existed" - love it! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Jen said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Lib! And this... this is beautiful. Love the way you captured that early morning silence, and knowing you're not alone. Lovely writing. :)

Lindsey V said...

What a beautiful way to describe that connection from the Father! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog to visit.


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