Thursday, February 10, 2011

Toasting Tuesday

Just a ho-hum, meatloaf-and-mashed-potatoes kind of  Tuesday night.  I was running late making dinner,  simultaneously fighting hurrying with being grateful for the time I did have.  While I cut up potatoes (small, so they'd cook quicker), Mainbain was utilizing a wind free night to burn all of the boxes we'd accumulated in the last month.   Just as I cranked up the stove to high, mexicanjumpinbain came running through the kitchen, arms laden with fireworks.    I could hear everybody else calling me to come outside to enjoy watch the crackles and pops of a burning Christmas tree. 

It wasn't a big fire, the boxes already turned to ash.  But something about the bright flames lighting the darkness, and the sounds of that burning tree reminded me of everything we'd anticipated during Advent and celebrated during Christmas.  And for a moment standing around a fir smelling fire, with the hum of low conversation and mexicanjumpingbain's occasional watch this one! I had an Epiphany.  Perfectly timed, of course. 

We would make space on this non-remarkable Tuesday to celebrate life, health and happy-togetherness.   A random Tuesday in February IS a reason to shoot fireworks and eat in the dining room.  And let everyone use wine glasses to toast being the only family in Tennessee this time of year with a pile of ready-to-use pyrotechnics. To toast the sound of burning Christmas trees, to the anticipations of friends coming to visit, to learning to sing a new song together, to healthy grandparents, and to just loving each other.   To laugh when the 13 year old comments on using a robust January '11 vintage Kombucha for all our toasting. 

C.S. Lewis said:  We may ignore, but we can nowhere evade, the presence of God.  The world is crowded with Him.  He walks everywhere incognito.  And the incognito is not always easy to penetrate.  The real labor is to attend.  In fact to come awake.  Still more to remain awake.  

I was fully awake on Tuesday with my Epiphany that it was a day worth celebrating and toasting. Doesn't every day hold the potential of some never before seen grace? If I can only remain awake...

linked to the Ann  and  Lisa-jo, because it's my favorite thing that happened this week!


Lindsey V said...

Oh, Lib!

I love the visual, the challenge, the reminder, the beautiful precious grace that we can see and touch if we just stop and look and SEE.

P.S. I love the C.S. Lewis quote!

Tony and Sarah said...

I love this post and the visual of your family shooting fireworks in the middle of February. Days like you described are truly a gift to be treasured and brought out on those mundane, chore-like days.

Shelly @ Life on the Wild Side said...

Hi Liberty! Just popped over to say thanks for coming to my place and COMMENTING!! I love you for that! :) Your blog is adorable, I love the CS Lewis quote, and I'm following you now.

Loved meeting you at Blissdom!!


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