Sunday, February 20, 2011

Thou Shalt Not

During the sermon at church this morning, Number 3 was apparently listening WHILE being a distraction to everyone around us, "Mom, why did you send in my information?"

"Shhhhh....What are you talking about?" I whispered.

"She just said not to lie and not to take stuff and I lie to Number 2 and take his stuff."

Another day, another story,


The Farmer Files said...


Chantelle said...

kids are so so so funny. I love how number 3 said "send in my information." That sounds like something this new generation would say.

bizzybakesb said...

This exemplifies the beauty of children.

I love the name of your blog and that you stopped by and I found your blog.

Lydia said...

Too funny!


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