Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I See Your Teenager and Raise You a 3 Year Old

I doubt anyone reading this has been pushed to the point of removing the door to a 3 year old's room.  I have.  30 minutes ago.

I do not lose my temper often.  Rarely.  Other than the three times in the last 3 months that Number 4 has, for no apparent reason, locked himself in his room, I cannot remember ever being as blindingly furious.

Each time, my temper flares from 0 to 100 in 10 seconds flat. My mind goes to him trapped as the house burns down around him or him choking on a Star Wars Galactic Hero or jumping off his bed to a certain broken neck. I remember locked doors being a particular pet peeve of my mother.  Now I understand.  I truly understand.

I beat on the door.  I yelled.  I negotiated.  I played good cop.  I threatened to call the cops.  I yelled.  I beat on the door harder.  Crickets.  Nothing.  Silence.  I beat on the door more.  I yelled louder.  I negotiated harder.  I played bad cop.  I threatened to call the cops.  Nothing...

Finally (total of 10 minutes, tops), I got the door open with the awkward metal key-like thing kept above the door facing.  And there he was, just sitting there.  Doing nothing. 

Now, there is no door on his room.  What about all the other doors in our house with locks?  I wasn't really thinking about that during my fearful anger-induced adrenaline rush.

Another day, another story,


The Farmer Files said...

Oh this I understand. I have never removed a door, but I have been locked in by a giggly 2.5 year old once. Oh.My.Word.

Nancy Davis Kho said...

I'm just impressed you did it. I threatened it multiple times and even peered closely at the hinges and tried to figure out what tools to use, as my temples throbbed. Usually around that time the kid in question folded, and thank god because I really don't know how I would have done it. Could you perhaps do a "how-to" video on YouTube on this?

ellen sanders said...

Well Em, as you know we are building a house. And as our helper was putting on the door knobs I stopped him and said: "wait wait wait! The Kids rooms get the closet and hall knobs, not the bedroom and bathroom. No locking bedroom doors! Only bathrooms :)" so visit your Lowes store, about a $7 fix!


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