Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Things I love about my 8 year old

Mexicanjumpingbain turned 8 last weekend, and I thought writing about 8 things that set him apart in our boy-tribe would be fitting.

1. He creates adventure.  It's not accurate to say he is adventurous, because that intimates he's just along for a fun ride. No, he looks for and makes adventure in every outing, whether to the mailbox, church or playing in the snow. 

 2.  He's incredibly tough.  A few weeks ago, he'd been riding behind the 4 wheeler so long his snow clothes were completely drenched, soaked down to his long johns.  He was borderline frost bitten, and told me - it didn't hurt til you told me to come in!  Yes, I'm just a mean ogre mom like that sometimes; saving appendages from the elements because he's so tough he doesn't always recognize pain and what it indicates.

3. He has the imagination of a Star Wars choreographer.   He battles invisible enemies constantly, and can contort his face, voice and body to make the entire scene remarkable life like.  It's good enough to record and re-watch.

4.  He is comfortable being alone.  He doesn't need constant stimuli to be happily entertained.  As noted above, he's likely planning an extensive battle.  

5. He makes inventions.  Currently there's an ace bandage stretched tautly across his room, from his dresser to the top bunk, so he can open the drawers as he climbs out of bed.  He also has been after me for month to make something called noodle tacos.  

6.  He is not afraid of the dark.  In fact, I don't think there's much that can frighten him.  The toughness described in #2 isn't just physical. I chalk this up to third-childness.

7.  He comes up with cool nicknames for grown-up friends.  The best one ever happened last year, when he looked at a close friend of ours and emphatically stated, "YOU, are my arch-enemy!"  

8. He has an indescribably sweet heart. He regularly reads through old birthday cards and keeps a large quantity of memorabilia for available viewing. HE draws pictures for people during church and then sheepishly hands them out.  He loves hugging up in the early morning hours and whispering through everything magnificent happening in the last week.  He is a regular contributor to our family gratitude journal, and can even see beauty in a black slugs' antennae.  

There are so many more things he is: funny, handsome, persnickety about his hair, quirky, helpful, caring, observant, careful (sometimes), and fiercly loving (all the time).    

I wrote last year about how he changed me.  Simple fact: I can see him changing the world. 

So glad I'm living and I'm so glad you're mine, mexicanjumpingbain!


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L.L. Barkat said...

Oh my! That is a scrumptious looking birthday... confection! :)

Thanks for visiting Love Notes to Yahweh, btw. :)


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