Saturday, January 29, 2011

Five Minute Saturday

My friend Lisa-jo and I had a short but encouraging conversation about writing when I saw her at Blissdom the other night.  She reminded me that writing is a discipline.  I chewed on her words,  remembering when I began the discipline of running.  I started by only running for 5 seemingly eternal minutes at a time.  As my stamina increased and the discipline paid off and I could go farther.  Within 3 months I ran a 5k, and the discipline of running is now ingrained and a part of my life I couldn't forget if I tried.  Since I was traveling yesterday, I didn't get a chance to follow her prompt and write a post about Women.  

Let the discipline begin:

At 92 she's been accused of coloring her hair.  She's the only surviving sibling of my Grandmama honey,  the last of a breed who calls everyone dahlin and means it.  She walks determinedly with a cane, half bent over from almost a century full of life.  She holds tight to her history with fierce independence.  She intimately knows all her ancestors; the whens and whys of how they all ended up in Tennessee.  Her mind is sharper than my own, recalling in detail events, parties, fights and love experienced over so many years.  I have driven three hours to sit next to her and absorb the stories about family she loves to share.  Painting personalities of long dead great-greats so eloquently and precisely they might as well be in the room.   

She told me once when the wind blows as she works in her cottage garden, she knows it's Jesus passing by, reminding her He's taking care things.   

I saw her shake her fist emphatically, and ask the sky WHY?! when my grandmother died, tears slipping silently down her beautiful face.  I hope the same garden breeze that whispers Holy Presence, gently reminds her that she is an ancestor He's not finished with yet. 
Auntie: taken at Grand'mama's 90th b-day party



~Beth D. said...

amazing! thanks for sharing!

suzannah {so much shouting, so much laughter} said...

so lovely. amazing what comes out when we set apart just five minutes:)

thegypsymama said...

Yes, yes, yes, YES!!! This is why throwing the rules and worries about writing is so worthwhile - because this is SO GREAT, Lib!! Yay! So happy you played along. I love the picture you painted here - so many great lines, like this "who calls everyone dahlin and means it."


It was a real treat to finally meet you in person. You are lovely!

Warmest wishes,

Richella said...

Hi Lib! I loved reading this word portrait of yours. You're an artist, you are; aren't you proud? AND you have a lean runner's body. I told you so! I really look forward to getting to know you better!


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