Thursday, December 16, 2010

What If

What if, I didn't*:

Get the Christmas decorations down from the attic?

Hang 6 wreaths, put out the Santa cookie jar, move the freaking Elf on Our Shelf every freaking night?  Well, not EVERY freaking night.

Take pictures, choose pictures, edit pictures, upload pictures, arrange pictures for a family Christmas card?

Stuff, address, buy postage, affix postage to aforementioned Christmas card?

Determine, procure and wrap appropriate, within-budget, thoughtful gifts for family and friends?

Make a Santa list with The Boys and roll patiently with second drafts and 11th hour re-writes? 

Make, procure, and wrap appropriate, within-budget, thoughtful gifts for 9 teachers?

Remember to contribute money for gifts for two school bus drivers?

Decide on a whim to make The Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls to give as gifts to family friends?

Dance like an extra in a hip hop video for the duration of two separate Christmas parties?  Oh wait, I did do that.

Have the fortitude to go to Toys R Us, Target and Walmart in the same day?

Care if a whole section of lights on the tree light up 67% of the time? Oh right, I don't care.

Remember to buy and send in snacks and a wrapped book for Number 4's class party, ice cream cones and a wrapped book for Number 3's class party, cups and treats for 18 treat bags for Number 2's class party?

Plan the menu, buy groceries and cook for a family Christmas Eve brunch?

*Disclaimer:  I am a "Christmas Lite" decorator.  No outside lights.  No huge Santa collections.  Pretty basic stuff:  tree, wreath, a few holiday knick knacks and special family heirlooms.  AND I mean no disrespect to St. Joel.  He was not elevated to sainthood lightly.  He's no slacker.  He's just not The Mom.

Another day, another story,


Suburban Turmoil said...

Ha! Without moms, Christmas would basically suck. I'm spending ALL my spare time ordering presents, addressing cards, wrapping, cooking, baking. At least it actually makes me look forward a little bit to January and a return to SANITY. ;D

magsmcc said...

Amen amen amen amen amen...

Graceful said...

I hear you, Sister!

David Rupert said...

This made me are so right on!


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