Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sinking in

How do you know when something you've been working on is actually sinking in and taking root?  You know how exciting it is when they start reading signs along the road as you drive around.  When you don't have to remind them to put their shoes on before leaving the house.  When they actually flush the toilet - well you may not have that particular problem, but my boys can't seem to get the hang of that handle.  

Earlier this year we began a family gratitude project.  We work on it in spurts: a few days diligently, then it's misplaced. Hunt, find, start again.  Even when we don't have the journal to record the amazing grace and abundance we live in, we talk about it.  Before bedtime, before prayers, in the morning.  Even during our current strep plague we've been discussing how to be grateful for things we don't really enjoy - like being sick.  Limabain's spontaneous list assures me thankfulness is taking root in his sweet heart. 

I read the other day that gratitude is a particular kind of happiness.  If there are flavors of happiness, gratitude is the one everyone needs to round out the palette.  I bet limabain's favorite gratitude flavor is bacon!

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guitarwife97 said...

That was a gift to me, too. Thanks for sharing!


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