Sunday, November 14, 2010


Sometimes you hear a scream and you know there's a serious problem.  It's the scream that  chills your chest cavity, and makes you start praying instantly.  It's the this-is-not-a-joke scream - the one that makes you start calculating how quickly you can legally drive to the ER. 

Limabain screamed like that last Sunday afternoon.  He'd received the gift of a new knife from my parents and I had approved it as not that sharp. This isn't his first knife, but it was obviously much sharper than we realized. While admiring his latest treasure, he accidentally stabbed himself through jeans, long johns and boxers.  After intense back and forth discussion with Mainbain, it seemed a trip to the ER for stitches was necessary.

While I put my shoes on, consulted my sister/nurse and grabbed my bag, Limabain confided his concern that going to the ER would take so long he's miss movie we'd been planning to see all weekend. 

We arrived at the minor/med/ER and after a remarkably quick trip through triage we were assured that all he needed was a bit of Dermabond - which is  just a fancy medical term for Superglue

At which point the screams coming from the exam room were mine...



Tiffany @ No Ordinary Homestead said...

Oh boy! Sounds like quite a scary moment. Glad it wasn't serious but waiting forever in the ER is never fun :-/

magsmcc said...

Oh brother, how many trips have we all made? I love that superglue stuff- unfortunately had to approve four staples instead last trip... Hope all will heal beautifully, and that movies will be regained! I accidently stabbed myself in the stomach with a cheese knife in the summer- no glue required.


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