Saturday, November 6, 2010

It takes a village

...and a good internet get a haircut.
32 internet image searches
A 112 in-salon text message conversation about Rhianna, Katie Holmes, big sunglasses, black nail polish, ripped jeans and strep throat (We have all these kids, you know?)
6 emails
AND I have a new haircut: The Rhianna-Katie Holmes-Unsuburban-Not Yet 40.
It'll be sweeping the nation like The Rachel circa 1995, in no time.
And once my bangs grow out a little, I'll be set. "With 4 boys, do you really want to see EVERYTHING that's going on? One eye's worth is plenty." Sage advice, Peaches!
Another day, another story,


magsmcc said...

Loving it- not sure which one is you though...

April said...

You look AMAZING!!!! I LOVE it!

Audra Caldwell said...

Love it!!


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