Monday, November 22, 2010

If you give a seven year old a camera...

 You'll wind up with interesting self-portraits

 You'll glimpse what's truly important in his eyes: 6 shooters,
  a home-made tattoo

 and the most important: the invincible sock.
 The pet portraits you've been waiting for

 Will be ready to frame

You'll have confirmation of the best napping spot, ever!

Just when you think he's exhausted all possible subjects, you'll find
more self portraits!
And fine art.  

Turn your head sideways now...


1 comment:

Sorina said...

We've had this happen at our house as well. But the what a 2 year old sees (and takes photos of) included many awesome shots of Mom's butt and midsection. Neither of which needed to be seen so close up and so soon post-baby. :) We also had a nice selection of the inside of the wash machine. Not sure why.


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