Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Whole Truth

... and nothing but the truth.  So help me God.

"How was school today, boys?"

"We talked about drugs and alcohol in my class and I told the guidance counselor that you made me drink alcohol when we went to the beach," reports Number 3, aka The Kindergartener.

"You what !?!?!?!"

"Yes, remember that time on the way to the beach this summer when we stopped at that gas station with the Subway in it and we got that apple cider and he (Number 2) told me it was alcoholic." he calmly explains.

An email and a call to My Very Favorite kindergarten teacher later, the story was verified and will be explained to the school counselor first thing in the morning, hopefully before Child Services gets wind of it.

Another day, another story,


magsmcc said...

Swift action saves a knock at the door! In his description of me for homework last night, no. 1 sun thankfully edited out she's sometimes cross and quite rubbish at tennis. Although both statements also the truth, whole truth!

Julie said...

Love it! I have another friend whose child, in the middle of the drugs presentation at school, after hearing that wine is a drug too, stood up and told everyone her Mama drinks drugs.


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