Monday, October 18, 2010

A teenager now lives here

About one hundred thirty thousand hours ago the clock started ticking on this transitional birthday.  It's the one stringbain began chattering about, dreaming of and otherwise idolizing right after he celebrated turning 10.  The day he would be a even sounded amazing and unique to me.  How could it happen that he would actually cross the threshold and become a  teenager? I've been refusing to think of that ticking clock for the last 2 years.   I encouraged him to enjoy every minute; not to wish away the rest of ten, eleven or twelve just waiting to be 13. I took my own advice and delighted in it right along with him. 

He didn't sit around and  twiddle his thumbs while the Magic Age loomed closerHe learned how to play guitar and still be an angel. He's becoming a confident driver on our dusty back roads, figured out some birds and bees basics , and developed his own fashion sense as well as an original hairstyle.

Everybody know what constitutes the first thirteen years for a healthy boy: learning to feed yourself, potty training, riding a bike, camping out.  The next 13 are sure to hold quite a few wild cards.  I hoped by creating a new tradition - a Bonmitzvah - he would be well equipped for some of those curve balls. 

Taking into consideration what a cool, responsible, independent man-child he's become, I knew a run of the mill cake-ice-cream-presents party was not going to be enough to commemorate this milestone.  He had a few requests: chili dog buffet with a bonfire and s'mores pie instead of birthday cake.  Easy enough to accommodate.  I had a few requests as well.  Only I made mine to friends and family and anyone who's ever mentioned how much they like him.  I asked all those friends and relatives to send me a piece of advice or a blessing for stringbain's next 13 years.  If they couldn't attend, I would read the advice around the bonfire for them, hence the Bonmitzvah.

Top 13 pieces of advice for growing up:

**Develop and maintain a strong relationship with God**Buy the good windshield wipers and make sure you have the fluid to use them with**Towel popping is a bad idea**Be careful who you give your heart to**Develop and maintain a hairstyle suitable for all occasions**What you and your family think is much more important than what your peers think**Confidence and contentment are the keys to life**Beware of the "cool" kids**French fries make everything better**Find a karaoke song you can rock**Always be a gentleman, practice by opening doors**Don't kiss a girl til you are 18, because it's all you'll think about from that point on**It's never too late to purpose to change**

I hope one hundred and thirty thousand hours from now he remembers the advice he received from 4 unrelated, different sources: 

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge him and He will make your paths straight.

Happy Thirteenth Birthday, bug. My wish for you is that straight path into adult-hood. 

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Tricia said...

Happy B-day to him!

Nikole Hahn said...

Beautiful. I wish I had that birthday party. I was a troubled child. I am so happy for him. He's got such a great family.

Nikole Hahn said...

A birthday wish will post for your son on October 27 here by 7 a.m. mst:

Kari said...

Visiting from Top Ten Tuesday. I love this post! My oldest will be 13 in January and I can hardly believe it. I'm totally stealing the idea to ask our loved ones to send pieces of advice I can put together for him. Thanks for sharing--he's a great-looking kid!

Anonymous said...

This is such a beautiful writing, Liberty! How blessed he is to have you for a mother, and what a celebration.

Love to you,


Martianne said...

What a fantastic, heartfelt and thoughtful post! happy birthday to your son and may the next 13 years be full of blessings. trusting in the Lord, we all know they will be!

Nike@ChooseToThrive said...

Wonderful! I love the idea of the bonmitzvah and celebrating the life an incredible kid. (Loved seeing my favorite verse from Proverbs, too.)

Angie said...

I love your 13 pieces of advice for growing up! You have a lovley son!


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