Tuesday, September 21, 2010

When you'd like to avoid the drive-thru

Leaving for the beach early in the morning means lots of planning and packing.  One thing I have been consciously avoiding as much as possible is the drive-thru.  I saw this recipe and knew it would be a great traveling breakfast. I made it in about 20 minutes, which left me plenty of time to scurry around pack everything else. Thought you might like to try it as well!

4 c almonds
1 c unsweetened coconut
1 c ground flax seeds - I did it in our coffee grinder
1 c almond butter
1 t salt
1 c coconut oil
3 T vanilla

Even though I hadn't planned on changing her recipe, I realized too late I didn't have any honey or maple syrup.  It's perfectly sweet enough for adults without the sweetners, but I will make sure they're on hand next time.  I think the baintrain would have like it a bit sweeter.

Grind up everything in your food processor, and press into a 9x13 pan.

Refrigerate while you melt a dark chocolate bar over low heat.
Gently spread melted chocolate over almond bars - like icing.

picture courtesy of  www.kitchenstewardship.com
I threw in the cooler the night before to dish out in the car, once we were on the road. Planning on making again for hectic school mornings.  

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Brandi said...

Thanks for your comment on Pumpkin Smoothie. :) Your almond bars look really yummy! We are almond butter and sunbutter users over here due to a peanut allergy.

Anyway, you asked where I went to school~Collierville High. I grew up in Collierville and lived in Cordova after I got married. Been in AZ for 4 years, now.

Bobbie said...

Oh! My! Gosh!!!! These look great!

Grateful for Grace said...

Ohhhhh those could be addicting. In a really good way. ;-)


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