Tuesday, September 28, 2010

When you take your boys to their first dove hunt...

There are things you will learn as well.  My observations:
 It is possible to take a picture while holding a shotgun.
 Dove hunting is a bit like fishing: hurry up to get everything done, then wait and wonder if anything is going to be attracted to your bait. So, you have to use creative entertainment when the doves aren't flying.

 It takes a lot more than one shell to fell a dove.

Practicing is worth the time!
Getting there is half the fun.
Just like the innate ability to make real car and truck noises, boys apparently know just what to do while hunting:  they got off the 4 wheeler, loaded their guns and assumed this position. 
The more the merrier - at least you can talk while you wait - one step up from fishing!
Shorter younger boys are eager to fetch!
 Even tough farm boys make faces when cleaning their first bird.
Hand-washing was a welcome relief!

 They got 4 doves yesterday, with the help of our guide and two uncles. They are back in the field today, hoping to increase their success!

1 comment:

rbw said...

My Daddy used to take me dove hunting when I was a little girl in Mississsippi... really enjoyed this!


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