Thursday, September 23, 2010

Time in paradise

We were blessed again this year with time and resources to visit our private island paradise with my family.  Living on a farm doesn't afford much time for vacation  - much less with the entire clan -  so there's deep sincerity when I say we were truly thankful.  

Since I was so thankful, I won't bother to recount the hours we spent affixing the luggage carrier to the top of our car, or how it had to be dismantled to park in the hotel garage in Savannah. Or  the  buckets of rain it held when we had to re-pack it the next day.  Like having a baby all the labor - or c-section prep- fades into the distant past when there's an ocean waiting on you...

Mainbain had an important business trip, so he'd scheduled his flight to arrive in Savannah on Sunday.  The baintrain, my sister and I drove on Saturday to check it out.  It seemed the perfect time to become acquainted with that lovely city (read: shops and restaurants) while waiting on mainbain's flight to arrive the next day.  Stringbain and limabain both posessed their own shopping fund and couldn't wait to spend it on accessories.

We took time Sunday morning to walk around *pretending to be the Beatles*, climb some steps, check out the river,  and look at a few monuments: 

Not exactly George, Paul, Ringo and John...

Overflowing with gratitude after arriving and unpacking the tightly packed car, they couldn't wait for sand between their toes:

They started swimming and skim boarding as soon as they reached the water - howling the whole way in:

The time in paradise flew by as we built sandcastles:

The 13 cousins took turns burying each other:

I practiced my creative energy in the sand too:

One of the best things about going on vacation with extended family, is lots of child-care back-up.  With 13 adults and 13 kids there's always somebody headed out or coming back from the beach...

I need room for my soul to breathe, and recharge my batteries being alone.   The combined family vacation leaves time for nice long solo morning strolls looking for shells while listening to this. Glorious!

The cousins ganged up on a local photographer to get a precious picture of 13 under 13:

We ended the week celebrating having more fun with family skit-night.   My parents and sister took the gold medal with their skit:  Frankie and the Beach-ettes!
That's my Daddy sporting a giant Afro and fake nose and lip piercings!!
Mainbain recently read an article that to avoid post vacation let-down, planning something fun on the way home is imperative.  Thankfully, just out side of Chattanooga there's a firework superstore.  

By the time we pulled in the driveway - there was no more, beach-nostalgia for the baintrain - just looking for matches!
The sun was shining on our island when we arrived and shining when we left.  

I took it as a sign of marvelous things to look forward more time in paradise!

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magsmcc said...

This is the perfect post for a rainy night in September! We need a licence for fireworks here!

ellen sanders said...

Great Blog! Love the Pictures. Thanks Lib

Grateful for Grace said...

Wow! That looks like a GREAT time!! I really like the toe photo. ;-) What precious memories with family.


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