Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Hoedown: a time to dance

Living on a farm has changed me in lots of ways, significantly in my need to dance.  I'm a get-it-done, mark-it-off-the-to-do-list kind of girl, so noticing a need to celebrate constitutes a soul-changing lesson for me. 

This has been a bittersweet summer. The sweetness of beautiful weather, lots of swimming and a trip-laden schedule balanced out with the death of both of my grandmothers and a dear friend. 

Though blessings mushroom through my life, I struggle to balance grace goggles on my heart: looking for reasons to celebrate everyday.   I'm don't claim proficiency at this;  I tend to only notice the glaring, sign-blinking-arrow-pointing HERE things.  

One of my HERE things is living in a large family. A blessing of  our large-ness is ending summer by hosting a huge party we call a Hoedown for almost a 100 people. 

Wearing my grace goggles I was able to spot these hard to miss, time to dance HERE signs:

Dunking booth - with my Daddy as ice cold spring water victim! I witnessed Stringbain win the prize for dunking his Grandaddy first!


Family and friends picking toe-tapping tunes in the shade.

Capable, 10 year old limabain, working out Maggie the pony before giving rides.

Meeting a fellow blogger, because I was wearing one of these posies! Bonding with her over jewelry, kombucha and Blissdom.

Playing tug of war over the creek with and against some family members.  Winning 2 out of three!

Participating (while laughing hysterically) in the toilet paper mummies game!

A pig kissing contest!

The sweet sight  of my 45-year committed parents kissing over the supper table!
The most glaring HERE sign of all? A  beautiful place and lots of time to dance!

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1 comment:

April said...

Hate that me and my boys missed it but I did see several Ingrams in those pictures, I think...Glad this year was a great success!


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