Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Your family called... it's reunion time!

Growing up, every summer meant trek to Arkansas for a family reunion.  Even though the older generations tried with all their might to get us to tour old home places and churches, every dilapidated building has the same forlorn look in the scorching hot summer sun.  Just about the only thing that can cool the fevered mind of a 10-14 year old is a dip in the hotel pool. Most memories I made were at the pool with the cousins who happened to be staying at the same hotel we were. 

Having been blessed with an enormous family it's not overly shocking there are lots of cousins I've never met and quite a few I don't get to see nearly as often as I like.  This summer provided a means for meeting and playing and reconnecting. As well as the realization that those people whose blood I share are a wealth of talents, knowledge and love best not left untapped any longer. 

::Tips for your family reunion::

Keep in mind everybody's there because 2 people fell in love about a hundred years ago. 

Even if the whole crew hasn't arrived when you get there...I'm positive the creativity of your kids will pop out when presented with their own hotel room.

Do not underestimate the language of music: it's almost as strong as blood...

Simple games hold greater promise with new faces on the other side of the table

Boys will find a way to be boys...no matter what age or branch of the family they hail from.
The surrounding landscape might leave you awestruck.

So might the fact that you're a natural at this. 
And score major cool/alien mom points when you get up on the first try. 

The opportunity to go rock climbing with new cousins will persuade you to go for a long walk through the woods 

to end up on top of a mountain

so you can wear a harness and end up being
bested by your 12 year old.

However, at the end of the weekend you will watch a family movie, made by a talented cousin/Aunt team.  You will have tears running down your cheeks when you realize you are an heir to the kind of love your great grandfather wrote in a letter to his bride:

I believe you are as true to me as an angel is to God.  I know I am to you. 
That kind of love lasts, grows and keeps getting bigger; leaving a solid inheritance for people I don't even know yet...
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Quit Eating Out said...

Coming from a small family, this is such a sweet post... it's so great when schedules can allow family time like this!

Audrey said...

This is great! Makes me miss my family.


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