Friday, August 6, 2010

Why Number 1 Starting Middle School Kind of Freaks Me Out

When I was in middle school:

  • I kissed 8th grade boys at the skating rink. 
  • There were no cell phones or text messages.
  • I got dropped off at the movies and the mall with groups of friends.
  • There were no iPods filled with hip hop and rap.
  • I listened to Chicago, Air Supply and Whitney Houston (pre-Bobby Brown). 
  • There were no YouTube videos or Facebook friends.
  • A bitchin' pair of Guess jeans with ankle zippers was $50 tops. (I wore them to the skating rink.)
  • North Face jackets don't cost $50.

Another day, another story,


Patti Adley Bryan said...

Middle school is a time of emotional growth - trials and tribulations - girls and boys starting to notice each other. Lots of good memories to come. The goal is to be able to remember what it was like when you were their age. Have a fun year!

Anonymous said...

Now that you put it like that...
It's not something I want to think about. YiKes!
However, this just ain't any kid. It's the mighty G-Ray. :)


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