Monday, August 30, 2010

To whom it may concern,

RE:  Potty Training Requirements

In exactly 10 days, my very last, 3 year old boy child, AKA Number 4, will be starting preschool at your lovely facility.  By the joyous reaction he had at the open house to the tiny kitchen and fake food, as well as the very short tables and chairs, I am certain he will do just fine academically.  Gifted, I'm sure.

There is just one matter that I feel should be addressed.  When you say "must be potty trained," what exactly do you mean?  Does that mean "pees in the potty frequently if accompanied by a sibling or parent, but only sitting down facing the back of the toilet with no pants or underwear on, but sometimes pees on the floor and sometimes in a pull-on training diaper and sometimes in his bed and poops only in a pull-on training diaper or in his underwear?"  

Just checking,

1 comment:

MinivanMama said...

Hahahaha, I don't have any of the 'books' in front of me but yeah, I think that meets the definition of potty trained.


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