Friday, August 6, 2010

Something special

Sometimes it rocks to be the baby in the family.  Everyone else got plain colored crocs, but butterbain got something special.

He picked them out and waited for them to arrive, only they weren't in the package when it came.  Weeping, wailing and a bit of teeth gnashing ensued.  Simple fact: four year olds do not understand the concept of patience.  They also do not understand human error or shipping mistakes when it comes to new shoes. (That could be something hereditary...)

The sweet girl who took my crisis call at understood  shipping error is not something that can be adequately explained to a child, and assured me they would be here and on his feet in a few days. 

Her promise came true and once again all was right in butterbain's world. He wears them with everything, and I'm fairly certain they'll even look good at church

A few days after running and jumping and even swimming in them, he (with the help of our fairy godmother) wrote this note:

Those crocs turned out to be something special all the way around... 

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Em and Lib said...


Anonymous said...

Love these shoes. Can't let the Dougherty Boys see them or it would cause a riot. Pirate Crocs rock.

Jennie said...

Those are AWESOME! (And seriously, I almost teared up at the thank you note. That is so unbelievably sweet!)


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