Tuesday, August 24, 2010

In an hour...

...I can supervise 6th grade homework (with an extra 6th grade neighbor) in my room while getting ready in my bathroom for a swanky business dinner. And clean up Number 3's spilled milk and my spilled water. And check email and Facebook and Twitter. And heat up dinner for the kids. And go over spelling words with Number 2. And hide the paint supplies on the very high medicine shelf. And yell at Number 4 for running in the house after he ran straight into a wall. And console bawling Number 4 while holding him down to put ice on his head after I yelled at him for running in the house straight into a wall. And check backpacks and homework folders and sign 2 school forms. And take a phone call from a friend. And paint my toenails. And print out Number 1's assignment. And kiss Numbers 1-4 goodbye.

Another day, another story,


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