Monday, August 30, 2010

Cookies for breakfast

It's about time!

After all these months of working on quick, easy, delicious and nutrient dense breakfast recipes, I finally found a breakfast cookie made with raw oats worth trying.  Thanks, Fitnessista. She called it it Something worth waking up for and I wholeheartedly agree! You know I made modifications to her recipe, but had to give her credit for the original idea.

::Breakfast cookie you eat with a spoon::

makes enough for 5  filling cookies

1 1/2 c raw oats 
2 T hemp seed protein, or protein powder of your choice (check for GMO's!)
2 T Chia seeds
1/2 c nut butter
1/3 c organic cocoa powder
1/4 c xylitol - or to taste

Mix all that up and add about 1/2 cup of raw milk (you could use almond, coconut or hemp milk). Then add an over ripe mashed banana and some raisins.  Or whatever you want,   that's the beauty of this recipe.  Anything will taste great in the base.  And they are getting plenty of protein; you know that's kind of my breakfast hobby horse...

Scoop about 1/2 cup onto a salad plate cover with plastic wrap and smoosh til it's flat.  Pop it in the fridge and in the morning there's a cookie you can eat with a spoon.

This recipe should be filed near the top of teaching your kids to be self sufficient.   Planning on putting a version of this on the menu every week!

Worth making for the extra sleep alone!
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Katie @ Frugal Femina said...

Just when I was looking for new breakfast recipes. c-: Thanks for linking up at Frugal Femina.

Audra Caldwell said...

Was reading you girls blog today and enjoyed every minute of it!! My husband and I where cracking up at the quotes at the bottom!!! We have 3 boys and just as I was typing this, one of them fell and scraped his entire leg knee to hip... it's always something... :)Anyways, great recipes. Great Blog.

the country cook said...

Wow, so you don't even have to bake? Interesting cookie! -

Brenda said...

This would be a great breakfast to just grab and go


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